Genetically engineered trees are an international threat that, if planted en masse, could irrevocably damage life as we know it. Right now, corporations are tearing down native forests and destroying the homes of Indigenous Peoples to plant acre after acre of industrial timber plantations. How much more damage will be caused if they are allowed to plant industrial plantations of genetically engineered trees? Your signature is your voice. Your name is power – add your voice now!

10 Reasons to Sign the Petition to Ban GE Trees in the U.S.

10. Set an International Precedent
Preventing ArborGen from planting GE trees in the US will set an international precedent that other countries would be encouraged to follow.

9. Stand Up to Corporate Greed
Timber companies are only interested in one thing – money. Signing this petition shows that we know GE trees are about increasing their profits, not environmental sustainability.

8. Speak for Those That Can’t
What happens when bees or songbirds eat the toxic pollen from trees genetically engineered  to produce poisonous pesticides? Signing this petition gives a voice to the birds and bees, butterflies, squirrels, deer and bears – the creatures that call the forest their home.

7. Prevent Extreme Fires
GE eucalyptus trees are highly flammable and contribute to disastrous firestorms. If ArborGen has its way, billions of these GE trees will blanket the southern U.S., which is already suffering from droughts and catastrophic firestorms.

6. Think About the Repercussions
Once GE trees are released, there is no taking them back. Altered seeds and pollen will spread, contaminating and invading natural forests. Genetically altered trees do not exist in nature; releasing them out into the wild will have serious repercussions.

5. Support a Real Solution to Climate Change
Genetically engineered trees are a false solution to climate change. In fact, studies show that genetically engineered trees are likely to worsen climate change.  One of the best ways to combat climate change is to protect native forests, not replace them with GE tree plantations.

4. Open Your Government’s Eyes
With our voices combined, we can build enough pressure to ensure GE trees are never legalized. GE trees are an international threat. By signing the petition, we can advance the demand for a global ban on this menace.

3. Grab Media Attention
GMOs dominate the mass media, but the threat of genetically engineered trees is lesser known. The more signatures we have, the more the media will turn its spotlight on this serious issue.

2. Respect Indigenous Peoples
GE tree plantations could displace entire communities in countries like Brazil, disrupting their way of life and even erasing their entire culture. Those that do stay risk their health due to the contamination of air, water and soil by the rampant use of toxic agrochemicals on the plantations.

1. Every Signature is a Win
Signing this petition means no compromise. It means that we will settle for nothing less than a ban on the use of genetically engineered trees. Every signature is a step toward protecting the planet from further damage from deforestation or climate change. It means we won’t stand down and we won’t take no for an answer.

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