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Happy Arbor Day! It’s so easy to love our forests, isn’t it? We know, though, that these gems are threatened. Please help Dogwood Alliance today and share our most recent video, #Stand4Forests, on Facebook, Twitter, and with your networks. (You’re in it– woot woot!)

#Stand4Forests highlights climate justice, the need for an intersectional environmental movement, and how cutting down forests for fuel is an environmental injustice.

 We are doing a big push of our video, #Stand4Forests, today and we need your help!

Need some sample text to post along with your video?

  • Arbor Day means we must #Stand4Forests
  • People all across the South are taking a #Stand4Forests!
  • Southerners are tired of clearcuts #Stand4Forests
  • Burning Forests for fuel is a climate injustice #Stand4Forests
  • We all deserve a breath of fresh air #Stand4Forests
  • What do we want? Forest protection #Stand4Forests
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