International Day of Struggle Against Monoculture Tree Plantations is Sept. 21

September 21, the International Day Against Monoculture Tree Plantations, is a day for organizations, networks and movements to celebrate resistance and raise their voices to demand, “Stop the Expansion of Monoculture Tree Plantations!” These plantations threaten the sovereignty of communities and peoples. The Day was launched in 2004 at a meeting of a community network struggling against industrial tree plantations in Brazil; September 21 was chosen because it is the Day of the Tree in Brazil.

This year, to help spread the word about September 21st, WRM created this event on Facebook. The idea is for it to be a channel of communication for everybody. Communities, organizations, and activists who wish to do so, will be able to share messages and activities related to this date there, and to invite other people and groups to participate.


Share this video on the platforms below and inform your friends and followers about #21Sep. The YouTube link above is directed to World Rainforest Movement, the producers of this video. 





Via World Rainforest Movement Facebook

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