International Bulletin

International Bulletin #1: October 2023

The global release of genetically engineered (GE or genetically modified) trees is closer than it has ever been. This advancement is a significant concern because the release of GE trees would pose serious threats to forests and other ecosystems, as well as to many local communities and Indigenous peoples. The environmental impacts could be irreversible. This International Bulletin (October 2023) provides critical updates on GE tree development around the world and serves as an update to our 2022 report “The Global Status of Genetically Engineered Tree Development: A Growing Threat“.


Available in 8 languages:

International bulletin: Genetically Engineered Trees (English)
Bulletin international: Les arbres génétiquement modifiés (Français – French)
Boletín Internacional: Árboles Genéticamente Modificados (Español – Spanish)
Boletim Internacional: Árvores Geneticamente Modificadas (Português – Portuguese)
Internationales Bulletin: Gentechnisch veränderte Bäume (Deutsch – German)
Internationaal nieuws: genetisch gemodificeerde bomen (Nederlands – Dutch)
Internationellt nyhetsbrev: Genmodifierade träd (Svenska – Swedish)
国際速報: 遺伝子組み換 え樹木 (日本語 – Japanese)
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