On 6th October, Biofuelwatch published its report “Aviation biofuels: How ICAO and industry plans for ‘sustainable alternative aviation fuels’ could lead to planes flying on palm oil”.

During this webinar, report author Almuth Ernsting will present the key findings of the investigation into aviation biofuels developments and future prospects, and will be available to answer questions. The report is being launched ahead of a High-Level Conference by the International Civil Aviation Organisation, ICAO, about “Alternative Fuels for Aviation”, namely biofuels.

The ICAO Secretariat has proposed a vision which would see 32% of global jet fuel made form biofuels by 2040, and 50% by 2050. Questions discussed in the report include:

How would the proposed ICAO vision compare and interact with existing biofuel markets, which are largely for road transport?
What types of aviation biofuels are technically and economically feasible? – Could aviation biofuels be produced on a large scale without palm oil?
Could sustainability and greenhouse gas standards, which are being discussed by ICAO, prevent serious negative impacts on forests, climate and communities from biofuel expansion for aviation?
If biofuels are not the answer, then how can greenhouse gas emissions from aviation be reduced?
The report is available at www.biofuelwatch.org.uk/2017/aviation-biofuels. It was produced with support from Heinrich-Boell Foundation. For more details, including about the webinar, please email biofuelwatch@gmail.com