In 1974 the decree of law 701 was created. As a result, more than 3 million hectares of pine and eucalyptus have been planted in. This has caused forced migration, loss of water sources and fertile soils, disappearance of native forest, and desertification in central and southern Chile.

In March of 2017, the Campaign to STOP GE Trees traveled to Chile for the Delegation on the Social and Ecological Impacts of GE Trees and the Campaign’s international strategy meeting. This took place after the worst wildfires in the country’s history, caused by eucalyptus plantations. These videos were taken at that delegation to bring awareness to the dangers of GE Trees and the predatory monoculture forest model within the Country.

The Campaign to Stop GE Trees, along with our colleagues and vast amount of supporters both within Chile and globally, say “For water and our forests: Neither expansion [of tree plantations], nor GE Trees.”

[Videos in English, subtitles in Spanish]


Orin Langelle: Founder of Global Justice Ecology Project, Director of Langelle Photography, and steering committee member for the Campaign to STOP GE Trees, speaking out against GE Trees.

Ruddy Turnstone: GE Trees campaigner for Global Justice Ecology Project and steering committee member for the Campaign to STOP GE Trees, discussing the negative impact of the Chilean forest model.

Keith Brunner for Biofuelwatch discussing the expansion of tree plantations and GE Trees.


Videos by Miguel Hechenleitner and Orin Langelle on behalf of Olca (Olca.cl)

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