Our own GE Tree Campaigner Ruddy Turnstone will speak about GE eucalyptus trees tomorrow, May 20, at the 5th Annual March Against Monsanto After-Party event, which will be held  at Toejam Backlot, 150 NW 21st. Street in Miami, Florida. The event is loaded with terrific speakers and music fighting for a critical cause. #mammiami17


From GMO Free Florida: 

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Join Us May 20th for The 5th Annual March Against Monsanto #mammiami17
Featuring our Sustainable Village +Farmers Market After Party @ Toe Jam Back Lot in Wynwood.
3:00 PM The Miami March @Omni/Arsht Metro Mover: https://bit.ly/2h8oiF7

4:30 PM The After-Party @Toejam Backlot/Wynwood:   https://bit.ly/2pr94ST

In light of the Bayer/Monsanto Merger – Help us make this the biggest and best march ever!

Calling all eaters, creative’s, families, farmers, foodies, fair food, wage & trade, unions, social justice groups, climate change groups and all stewards of the planet, the 2017 March Against Monsanto is fast approaching, with nine marches across the state! Find a march near you: Fort Myers, Jacksonville, Miami, Orlando, Ormond Beach, Spring Hill, St. Petersburg, Tampa, West Palm Beach.
Our goal is to have another amazing community event, with all of our collective, diverse groups gathering together under the Adrienne Arsht Metro Mover to march in solidarity for the health of our people, our water, soil & planet, our farmers around the world and to save biodiversity of seeds, stop the genetically Modified mosquitoes and to educate the citizens of Miami about the adverse health effects associated with GMOs & glyphosate and expose Monsanto’s corrupt business practices. Help Ban Glyphosate in FL -CLICK TO SIGN

We are very excited to announce that that infamousReverend Billy of the The Stop Shopping Choir will be speaking and performing at the march! Please help us secure the funds to bring him here. They are a renowned New York City based radical performance community. We are so very lucky to have them be part of our March Against Monsanto.

Protestors are protectors. Help us protect our food supply. Planning an event of this magnitude requires time and money to make it a Success. Any contribution, no matter how big or small, will help to cover out-of-pocket costs. The producers of the march are all unpaid volunteers. Please make a contribution to help cover costs including: after-party venue, promotions, and t-shirts! Any funds left over will go toward growing programs in schools and supporting our local agriculture.

Our goal is to encourage people to be the change they wish to see by supporting local farmers, buying organic and non-gmo project verification label products, avoiding the at-risk ingredients, voting with our wallet & fork, saving our seeds, helping our pollinators, growing our own food and sharing with our neighbors and never use Roundup.

This is a peaceful, family friendly march so bring the kids!! BRING COLORFUL, CREATIVE SIGNS, COSTUMES, CHANTS, & DRUMS! Carpool, Uber or Lyft, take public transportation, and be sure to bring a refillable water container! (PLEASE NO PLASTIC) Let’s march for a beautiful GMO-Free world! HASHTAGS: #marchmay20, #mammiami17 #mammiami #mam #gmofreeflorida Support us! Click here


At Toe Jam Back Lot (150 NW 21st. Street Miami, Fl 33127) Featuring MC Tom Laroc, The Reverend Billy Talen + The Stop Shopping Choir, Plant Based Comedian, Reggae Force Band, Food Trucks! + more! *Live Broadcast by Jolt Radio

4:30  Jed Shlackman | Holistic Counseling, Hypnosis, & Reiki Energy Healing in Miami

The Speakers:
*Nicole Sauvageau – #mammiami17 Leader, Miami-Dade Green Party
*Sam Van Leer – Urban Paradise Guild

*Blair Butterfield –Colony1

*Dion Taylor – Food Manufacturer, Farmer, ENO Group
*Doc Mait – Pulse & Remedy, LLC
*Meagan Hull – The Florida Keys Environmental Coalition
*Dr. Hall – Hall Longevity
*Ruddy – Global Justice Ecology Project
*Brett Hamm – Miami-Dade Green Party
*Deva Presence – Permaculture Miami

6:15 The Plant Based Comedian Josh Rosen

6:30 The Reverend Billy – Famous Radical Performance Artist/Activist from the Stop Shopping Choir

7:15-12:30AM THE MUSIC

7:15 Joshua Legacy Plutonium | Legacy
7:30 Real Steve Grant
8:00 Jim Wurster
9:00 Blue Sky Drive
9:30 Nag Champayons
10:00 The Fortune Tellers
10:30 Daphna Rose
11:00 analog
11:30-12:30 Reggae Force Band

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Some of our Partners:

FatCat305, Urban Paradise Guild, Miami-Dade Green Party, Broward Green Party, Pulse & Remedy, Folk and Acoustic Music with Michael Stock, Colony1, Occupy Miami, Emerge Miami, GMO Free Florida, Florida Right to Know – Miami, Jolt Radio, Resurrection Drums, Progressive Rags, The Florida Keys Environmental Coalition, Toe Jam Back Lot, Salt Suite Fort Lauderdale, Heal The Planet, Dr. Smood, Grow Social, Recharging qigong, Mintz Truppman, P.A., Hall Longevity, Lotus Fit Food Truck, Falafster Food Truck

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