Almost 90% of Sarawak’s rainforest is gone, thanks to former Chief Minister and current Governor of Sarawak, Abdul Taib Mahmud. New mega-dams are planned for the forest that remains.  View the trailer for The Borneo Case below.

Tomorrow is Malaysia Day, commemorating the establishment of the Malaysian federation on 16 October 1963. In conjunction with Malaysia Day, the film The Borneo Case – which details the destruction, the repression and the 30 years of campaigning to stop the logging – will be screened in 30 cities worldwide.

film focuses on four people who have worked to expose the corruption behind the destruction of Sarawak’s forests. Mutang Urud is a Penan from Sarawak. Peter John Jaban is a DJ who worked on Radio Free Sarawak. Clare Rewcastle Brown is a journalist, who set up the website Sarawak Report and Radio Free Sarawak. Lukas Straumann, executive director of the Bruno Manser Fund and author of “Money Logging: On the trail of the Asian Timber Mafia”.

The Borneo Case shows clearly why Indigenous Peoples must be given sovereign control over their territories, and what happens when Capitalism rules over common sense. Forests are the life blood of the planet and the utter decimation of forests, as we see in the Borneo Case, cannot be allowed to continue if we wish to see a future for life on the Earth.

Get informed, get involved and help stop the destruction of the world’s forests, in solidarity with the Indigenous Peoples and other communities that depend on them.

Here is the trailer:

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