“Who is Behind the Effort to Legalize Genetically Engineered American Chestnut Trees and Why it Matters”

This telepresser was held on May 14, 2019 by the Campaign to STOP GE Trees.  It exposes who is funding the research, and discusses the findings of a new White Paper on GE American chestnut trees, the Resignation of American Chestnut Foundation Board members, and the response from Indigenous groups.

The telepresser features Dr. Rachel Smolker, co-Director of Biofuelwatch and Anne Petermann, Executive Director of Global Justice Ecology Project and Coordinator of the Campaign to STOP GE Trees (co-authors of a new white paper Biotechnology For Forest Health? The Test Case of the Genetically Engineered American Chestnut (downloadable)  as well as BJ McManama of the Indigenous Environmental Network, Lorette Picciano, Executive Director of the Rural Coalition, and Lois Breault-Melican, a former board member of the American Chestnut Foundation who publicly resigned over the organization’s support for genetically engineering the American chestnut.

Click here for more on the campaign to stop the GE American chestnut.

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