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Add your name to stop US government approval of the widespread release of genetically engineered (GE or genetically modified) American chestnut trees into our forests. The risks are huge.

If approved, these GE trees will spread their pollen and seeds freely. This would be the first GE forest tree released in the US, opening the floodgates to others.

It would also be the first-ever intentional release of a fertile genetically modified organism (GMO) into wild ecosystems, opening the door to other uncontrollable GMO releases.

Engineers think they can (re) create nature in the lab, but neither trees nor any species can be replaced by with GE facsimilesDecades of progress to restore wild American chestnut trees would be lost. This is not restoration, but a dangerous open-air experiment.

There are no long-term risk assessments of this plan and scientists warn such assessments are not possible. American chestnuts can live hundreds of years and have deeply intertwined relationships with other trees, and with insects, songbirds and other wildlife.Join individuals and organizations across the world in demanding the rejection of genetically engineered trees. We cannot allow this kind of dangerous experimentation with our forests.

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