SynBio and GE Trees = Sustainability? Okay and 2+2=5

In this Orwellian press release, titled “Driving Sustainable Agriculture through Improved Qualities in Eucalyptus and Poplar Trees,” GE tree company FuturaGene and Synbio company Intrexon Corporation announce that they have formed a collaboration to develop biomass from eucalyptus and poplar trees.

They use the tired old line that application of high-tech traits in trees that accelerate growth will “drive sustainable agriculture” “without degrading the environment.”  Sound familiar?  Practically the same (dys) logic is used by Monsanto to justify their GMO crops – which have led to one social and/or ecological disaster after another. Which is also one of the reasons that Brazil, with its huge GM soy plantations – is the world’s leading consumer of agrotoxins, one of which (glyphosate) was just named by the World Health Organization as a likely carcinogen.

While FuturaGene may think their GE eucalyptus trees in Brazil are a slam-dunk now that they have been approved by the Brazilian “Biosafety” Commission, there are still significant hurdles to be cleared – like the fact that this decision has been declared to violate Brazil’s constitution.

 For more on this, visit our press release on the issue

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