The Campaign to Stop GE Trees

Genetically engineered trees pose risks of contaminating forests, damaging ecosystems and harming communities

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The goal of the campaign is to protect native forests, and to defend the rights of forest dependent communities and Indigenous Peoples from the unknown and irreversible risks of releasing genetically engineered (GE) trees.


Trees are being genetically engineered for traits such as faster growth, and disease resistance.


Catch up on recent news, events, articles and education resources about GE trees.


It’s time to mobilize! You can help end the threat of genetically engineered trees.


Arm yourself with information about GE Trees (also called GM Trees)

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Add your name to stop US government approval of the widespread release of unproven genetically engineered (GE) trees into forests. The risks are huge.

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Bangor Daily New Publishes Op Ed on GE American Chestnut

Genetically engineered trees do not belong in our forests Bangor Daily News 19 July 2020 Theresa Church The COVID-19 pandemic has given us a rare interlude to evaluate the notion of business as usual. It has exposed mounting flaws and inequalities as a result of the...

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Genetically Modified Chestnuts Imperil Forests

On Saturday 7 July 2020, The Scranton Times Tribune ran an op ed by Anne Petermann, International Coordinator for the Campaign to STOP Genetically Engineered Trees titled Genetically Modified Chestnuts Imperil Forests. The following is Peterman’s submission to the...

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