The Campaign to Stop GE Trees

Genetically engineered trees pose risks of contaminating forests, damaging ecosystems and harming communities

The Global Status of Genetically Engineered Tree Development: A Growing Threat

The global release of genetically engineered (GE or genetically modified) trees is closer than it has ever been. This report examines the current global reality of GE trees. It documents the status of GE tree development around the world, in order to identify where the risk of GE tree release is most immediate. It also outlines some of the risks and discusses some of the most prominent proposed uses. Due to changes in national regulations, this report may be the last opportunity to get a snapshot of GE tree field testing around the world.

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Trees are being genetically engineered for traits such as faster growth, and disease resistance.


It’s time to mobilize! You can help end the threat of genetically engineered trees.


Arm yourself with information about GE Trees (also called GM Trees)

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The goal of the campaign is to protect native forests, and to defend the rights of forest dependent communities and Indigenous Peoples from the unknown and irreversible risks of releasing genetically engineered (GE) trees.

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