2dcda76c-45d4-4c10-83f5-5d0d17588ae9AgriculturesNetwork.org recently published an opinion piece by Elizabeth Mpofu, General Coordinator of La Via Campesina and the chairperson of the Zimbabwe Organic Smallholder Farmers Forum (ZIMSOFF).

In the piece, Mpofu expresses that policy needs to protect traditional crops and varieties, rather than introduce costly new ones, which require agrochemicals that damage nature and our health.

In the cities of Zimbabwe, l have witnessed an increasing demand for foods based on traditional crops. Medical practitioners are recommending such foods to their patients suffering from various ailments. Herbal pharmacies and food outlets that serve organic dishes based on traditional crops are now common and popular among urban dwellers. The link between traditional crops and local culture is direct.

Read the full article at AgriculturesNetwork.org here. 

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