By now you’ve probably heard the incredible news that Native-led organizing forced the Obama administration to put a temporary halt to the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline
that would cross through the Standing Rock Sioux Nation reservation and threaten their water, their sacred land, their way of life, and our collective planetary future.

However, the fight is far from over, and that’s why we’re asking people to take to the streets this Tuesday, September 13th, to call on President Obama to put a stop to this pipeline once and for all.


There was one final federal permit needed to give this disastrous project everything it needed to move forward. Late on Fridayafternoon, a court tragically denied the Sioux Tribe’s request for an injunction to stop the project. Then minutes later, in a game-changing turn of events, the Obama administration’s Department of Justice, Department of Interior, and Department of Army issued an incredible joint statement that pulled the permits for the pipeline while a more thorough environmental is conducted, defended the rights of thousands of Native Americans and allies to peacefully assemble in protest, and called for greater Tribal input into infrastructure projects going forward.

This would not have happened without the incredible organizing and people power that erupted against this project,and we’re confident that people power can put an end to the pipeline once and for all.

Click here to join us at a solidarity action near you this Tuesday(or start your own!) and send a message that the American people will not let this pipeline be built—ever.

President Obama has the power to stop this pipeline—just like he did with Keystone XL. With over 200 tribes now standing in opposition to the pipeline, to not do so would be a major disgrace to Native peoples, and another unnecessary blight on the history of our nation. With a thorough process that fully includes tribal consultation, and an environmental review looking at water and climate impacts, there’s no way that this project can move forward.

This is a moment of incredible hope, but it’s no time to stop fighting. Join or start an action near you this Tuesday September 13th.Let’s rise to this historic moment.