Last week Capital Press reported the story, “Test plots of poplar trees may hold key to bio-fuels development” featuring claims by poplar growers and scientists that trees will be the answer to the need for “clean” fuels in the future.

But the push for fast growing hybrid poplars (and in the future genetically engineered poplars) for liquid biofuels is yet another distraction from the real work that needs to be done if humanity is to avoid the oncoming train wreck of climate catastrophe.  The vast tracts of land that are required to grow feedstocks for fuel, combined with the vast amounts of energy that are required to manufacture cellulosic fuels, mean that they can never be sustainable.

Adding poplars genetically engineered specifically to for the purpose of creating fuels–and all of the unknown risks they pose to forests, wildlife, soils, water, and the climate–means even more dangerous and potentially disastrous impacts.

Instead of looking for ways to replace our massive use of fossil fuels, how about cutting our energy use by about 90% and replacing this suicidal economic system that is driving us all off the cliff.

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Read the Capital Press article here

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