Via TV Morena

More damning evidence of the impacts of GMOs in Brazil, in this case soya, and a clear indication of what the rural and indigenous peoples can expect if GE eucalyptus trees are released there.

Gunmen have attacked and set ablaze a Guarani Indian community in south west Brazil.

Initial reports indicated that a one year old baby had burned to death when the gunmen torched the Indians’ houses on June 24, but this has not subsequently been confirmed.

The Guarani fled the area, and two girls and one boy are reported to be missing.

The Indians of Kurusu Mba community peacefully re-occupied part of their ancestral land on June 22, having waited many years for it to be returned to them.

They were soon surrounded by gunmen who, according to one Guarani man, “fired shots above our heads.’ The ranchers and farmers who now occupy almost all Guarani land frequently employ armed men to terrorize the Indians.”

The Kurusu Mba community is enclosed by soya plantations. Intensive pesticide spraying pollutes streams used for drinking water.