Women initiating the “Trafinktu” ceremony, an ancestral Mapuche gift exchanging ceremony for sharing knowledge and seeds. Such exchanges strengthen the community, and deepen solidarity. In this picture, women are welcoming each participant asking what they have brought with them to share and exchange with others. Photo:Courtesty / Carolina Lagos, Global Forest Coalition and Colectivo VientoSur

Recognizing World Environment Day, teleSURtv.net published a photo essay by Carolina Lagos of Global Forest Coalition and Colective VientoSur. The essay explores life with the Mapuche community of Chile and Argentina. The Campaign to STOP GE Trees is currently in Chile covering the IUFRO conferences.

From the teleSUR piece:

The Mapuche Indigenous peoples of south-central Chile and Argentina have long preserved and guarded their forests, which are increasingly under threat from extractive industries like mining, pulp and timber.

Studies show that the Chilean model of forest development is a key driver of forest and biodiversity loss. This is having devastating impacts on campesino and Indigenous communities that depend on forests.

Strengthening the rights of Indigenous communities over their territories is fundamental to the conservation and protection of native forests and ecosystems around the world.

See the photo essay here.

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