GE trees, biomass and renewable energy strategies are false solutions to climate change.

Originally posted on Climate Connections.

Greenwatch Radio, a production of Global Justice Ecology Project, discusses the dangers of wood-based bioenergy with Dr. Rachel Smolker, co-director of Biofuelwatch. Dr. Smolker, who also sits on the Steering Committee of the Campaign to STOP GE Trees, speaks about pressures in the US to produce bioenergy products for world markets and the negative impact that this is having on biodiversity, ecosystems and wildlife, and humans that are dependent upon these ecosystems.

Smolker also talks about the US Military’s evolving investment in biofuels and how this is creating pressures to genetically engineer trees and other crops to replace fossil fuels and create a “green” military.

With Rachel Smolker, Jay Burney, Grady Hawkins and Joe Schmidbauer.

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