Bloomberg reports that landslides near the Chilean capital of Santiago killed three people over the final weekend of February. The landslides cut off water supplies to millions of homes, according to the National Emergency Office said. National Emergency Office officials are blaming climate change for Chile’s increasing frequency of weather disasters.

Another 373 people remain cut off after the rains swept away roads and bridges, said Ricardo Toro, director of Chile’s National Emergency Office.

Rains in the Andes mountains brought mud, rocks and trees cascading down the Maipo river, overwhelming treatment plants managed by the water utility Aguas Andinas SA. It was the third such incident in four years as temperatures rise, causing the water to fall as rain and not snow in the mountains.

“Chile has to understand that this could repeat itself,” Toro said. “We need the infrastructure to face these situations that have become a new reality. Global warming is a reality.”

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