Ludzie06(js)The-Star.Co.Ke, a news website from Kenya, reports that a team lead by the Kenyan national land commissioner chairman will determine resettlement of indigenous forest dwellers in August.

From the report:

National land commission chairman Muhammad Swazuri met representatives of the indigenous communities on Wednesday.

The meeting comes following plans to resettle the group in the forests they once called home.

Indigenous communities are touted to be good at conserving the forests’ biodiversity.

Swazuri said the resettlement plan must not be delayed further since the constitution has already granted the communities rights to own property.

Swazuri cited illegal encroachment of forests by businessmen dealing in timber as exposing the forests to greater danger, according to the report.

“Forests being managed by government agencies may seem to be well managed. But the reality is otherwise. When you go inside, you will find empty fields,” Swazuri was quoted.

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