synth forests 8X10 j BProduced by Raindancer Media and Earthlinks Inc, ‘Synthetic Forests’ features lead researchers, activists and impacted communities to demonstrate the unknowns and knowns of how GE Trees will devastate ecosystems, forest dependent communities and the climate.

This month, audiences around the world will get a chance to see ‘Synthetic Forests’, with many locations including a discussion along with the documentary.

If you can’t make it to a showing or would like to check the documentary out in advance, you can watch the 4 minute trailer of the movie, or preview the full 35 min version here at asilentforest.info.

Sophia Painiqueo and Winnie Overbeek speak in Synthetic Forests about the impacts Eucalyptus plantations already have made on communities. With GE trees, these impacts will only be exacerbated:

“The land is dry, we can not do agriculture and we can not raise animals because of the lack of water…. Because of the aerial spraying and spraying by hand to have healthy trees, the birds are harmed, the bees are harmed, and they die. The people with the small projects end up with nothing.”
Sophia Painiqueo
 “They (herbicides) are used especially in the first years of the plantations because they only want trees. but these large scale plantations are only planted for export. All that is being produced is taken away. and the few people that work there it is very dangerous to work, it is very bad working conditions. Often it is about applying pesticides so they are getting contaminated, even if they use protective equipment nothing protects against 8 or more hours a day being in touch with pesticides, applying pesticides…”
Winnie Overbeek, World Rainforest Movement
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