By Rick Kerns


Brazil’s environmental officials said that the license for the largest hydro-electric dam project on the Amazon River was canceled in early August due to the projected removal of the indigenous Munduruku community and severe environmental violations; and Munduruku leaders are continuing their protests of other projects on the international stage.

The Munduruku people staged demonstrations as well as utilized strategic measures aimed at defending their lands in the last year and combined with efforts by Brazilian and international activists the government was compelled to stop the Sao Luiz Do Tapajos project.

Brazil’s Federal Environmental Agency (IBAMA) announced on August 4 the cancellation of the licensing for the Sao Luiz Do Tapajos mega dam.

Among the reasons listed for the cancellation was the imminent flooding of the Sawre Muybu Indigenous territory, land belonging to the Munduruku, which would then cause the displacement of the entire community. That same territory had recently been officially recognized by Brazil’s Indigenous Affairs Agency (FUNAI) which asserted that the construction of the dam would violate Brazil’s Constitution.

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