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Calling for Brazil to reject GE trees, more than forty participants from the Forest Movement Europe and the global gathering of the Environmental Paper Network protested at the Brazilian Embassy in Brussels today. Countries represented included Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, UK, China, Indonesia, US, and South Africa.

The group, which had been at the European Parliament previously, represented organizations from around the world – all gravely concerned about forests and forest communities. The issue of genetically engineered trees was bought up at Parliament as well as a subsequent meeting, where participants gathered to sign the protest letter. The group then staged a protest demanding that the Brazilian government and CTNBio reject the introduction of GE trees into forests and the Brazilian environment, with signs in many different languages. A delegation was sent to the Embassy to deliver the letters of protest.

Click here to read other reports from the amazing protests happening all over the world (with more to come!!!).

And show your solidarity with those fighting to keep GE trees out of Brazil! Sign the petition and tell the Brazilian Biosafety Commission to REJECT GE trees. Forward it to your friends too! The petition closes April 8th at 3 PM EST. (Petition closed)


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