GEshirtBWEarly Monday morning, activists from around the Southeast and as far north as Maine converged on the global headquarters of genetically engineered tree giant ArborGen to tell them in no uncertain terms that they must tear down the walls of secrecy regarding their GE loblolly pines and eucalyptus trees and dissolve and discontinue their research and development.

Monday’s action was but a small representation of the global public rejection of GE trees. In 2015 alone, more than a quarter of a million (269,867) people have signed on in rejection of genetically engineered trees.

Add your voice to the chorus!

Upload a photo of yourself with a sign reading ‘ArborGen: STOP GE Trees!’ to #stopgetrees and #nogetrees

Call ArborGen and the USDA and tell them you support the action and that GE trees must be banned!

ArborGen Inc. (843) 851-4129

2011 Broadbank Court, Ridgeville, SC 29472


Biotechnology Headquarters: (301) 851-3877

Sign the petition against GE trees by clicking here

Get involved! Contact and ask how you can help us organize to stop GE trees in your region.

Send a donation to help with our legal expenses by clicking here

Read our statement from Monday’s action against ArborGen here

For more resources on the threats from GE trees, click here

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