Here are reports from all the amazing protests happening all over the world (with more to come!!). Show your solidarity with those fighting GE trees in Brazil!

Sign the petition and tell the Brazilian Biosafety Commission to REJECT GE trees. Forward it to your friends too! The petition closes April 8th at 3 PM EST.

Excerpt from Brussels Update, 1 April 2015

Read the whole update and see all the pictures here!

Calling for Brazil to reject GE trees, more than forty participants from the Forest Movement Europe and the global gathering of the Environmental Paper Network protested at the Brazilian Embassy in Brussels today. Read more.

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Photos from London, 3 March

Photo tweeted by Graciela Romero (@grarome) at War on Want.


Video and Photos from Miami, 3 March


FL GE Trees Brazil protest people


FL GE Trees Brazil Protest People 2

FL GE Trees Brazil Protest

Report from Melbourne, Australia, 31 March

Friends of the Earth Melbourne Action went to the Brazilian Consulate in Melbourne today to call on Brazil to reject FuturaGene’s proposal  that would see a massive commercial release of genetically engineered trees.

They picketed and delivered their letters in full animal costumes! The pictures are awesome.

animals (1) From their statement:

Now is the time to show solidarity with those still fighting in Brazil to protect their land, environment and livelihood from GE tree plantations and to keep the pressure on CTNBio to reject GE trees.

Friends of the Earth Melbourne is part of the global Stop GE Trees Campaign. For more information and the petition to reject GE trees visit:

Check out their full statement with more photos on their Facebook album of the event.

News from Brazil, 5 March 2015

On the morning of 5 March 2015, 1,000 women from the MST took over operations of genetically engineered tree company Futuragene in Brazil.
Later that morning, 300 peasants took over the building where the Brazilian Biosafety Commission (CTNBio) was meeting to decide whether to approve Futuragene’s GE eucalyptus trees. The CTNBio meeting was cancelled.

Source: 5 March 2015

Report from San Francisco, California, 3 March No-GMO-treesReport from New York City, New York, 3 March

The Emergency Global Day of Action Against GE Trees at the Brazilian Consulate in New York City

The Emergency Global Day of Action Against GE Trees at the Brazilian Consulate in New York City

Activists in New York met with the Vice Consul of Brazil, presenting him with an orchid as a symbol of the importance of defending nature from GMOs and GE trees.  He was also presented with the protest letter signed by the Campaign to Stop GE Trees, New Yorkers against GE Trees, Indigenous Environmental Network and Global Justice Ecology Project.

Report from London, England, 3 March


Report from Miami, Florida, 3 March

Miami-action-3315Activists took their opposition to GE trees to the Brazilian Consulate in Miami.  Florida is one of the states facing the real threat of GE eucalyptus trees, which GE tree company ArborGen is trialling in the state, and which is targeted for plantations if they are approved by the USDA.

Ottawa, Canada report, 3 March

A hardy crew of activists from Canadian Biotechnology Action Network take action at the Brazilian Embassy in Ottawa.

A hardy crew of activists from Canadian Biotechnology Action Network take action at the Brazilian Embassy in Ottawa.

We held a wintery vigil to stop GE trees today outside the Brazilian Embassy in Ottawa, Canada, March 3 2015. We delivered a letter and the Asuncion statement, which was received by Embassy staff. The letter was delivered by Lucy Sharratt, Coordinator of the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network on behalf of the group (the request was for us to send one representative and not take any photos inside the building). The police asked us to remain across the street from the Embassy. I gave an update and shared information with people who came, including with the baby who was really quite content despite the distressing news. We beat the storm and were supported by the many trees in the neighbourhood.

Report from Wellington, Aotearoa (New Zealand), 3 March

NZ-day-of-action-3315-1024x523From GE Free New Zealand: Our rally in Wellington went really well. We marched to the embassy, chanting “Brazil: No GE trees.” We leafleted some passer-bys and had everyone sign the protest letters. Then we went inside. Up on the 13th floor, a man from the Embassy asked us what was going on and then the Ambassador came out too, and they invited us in. So we went through to their meeting room. Steffan spoke, then a local activist spoke, then Claire Bleakley from GE Free NZ spoke. The letters were passed over and the Ambassador said he would relay our concerns.